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For the joy of movement

I got to know Feldenkrais work at the age of 17. At that time I had so much pain when sitting that at times I could only lie down. Neither doctors nor pyhsiotherapists could help me. Only after my first individual lesson with a Feldenkrais therapist did I experience significant relief. My pain was as good as gone for one day.
What exactly had happened, I could not explain. But the experience that there can be a way without pain left a lasting impression on me. For two years, the therapist at the time accompanied me in learning to enjoy movement again in small steps.
Building on this experience, I began my training with Beatriz Walterspiel in 2017, which I completed in 2020 as a certified and globally recognized Feldenkrais Practitioner. Beatriz was herself trained by Moshé Feldenkrais and also enabled me to teach with other internationally renowned Feldenkrais trainers. I was able to learn from Susanne Schönauer, Ulrike Appel, Olena Nitfort, Anat Krivine and Eilat Almagro, among others.
The goal of my work is to enable my students to have a thoroughly positive movement experience, as I was able to experience myself after my first Feldenkrais lesson. The focus for me is to always stay awake, to learn and to question one’s own point of view. Every process is different, follows its own rhythm, an individual speed. I look forward to working on this together with you.

Short CV

2017 to 2021 – Training as a certified Feldenkrais Practitioner with Beatriz Walterspiel, Bad Tölz

2022 – Opening of my Feldenkrais Studio in Leipzig, Lindenau

2019 – Human Rights Observations, Sant Cristobal, Chiapas, Mexico

2018 to 2020 – Master’s degree in Cultural Studies, University of Leipzig

2012 to 2017 – Bachelor of Cultural Studies, University of Leipzig

2011 – Work for the promotion of banachteiligte people, association Aman Cai, Lima, Peru

2010 – High school graduation, Bachgau Oberschule, Babenhausen

1991 – born in Erlenbach am Main


Sophia Schott
Könneritzstraße 39
04229 Leipzig
+49 176 72736184‬

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